did I ever tell you guys about how when I moved into my first apartment my dad’s move-in present for me was this bomb tee-ball bat that’s fuckin legit as hell and bright pink and hello kitty themed?

he gave it to me and said

"this is just so that if anyone ever tries to mess with you, after you’ve kicked their ass you can stand over them and knock their lights out and the last thing they’ll see is the cute and unforgiving face of hello kitty"

a+ parenting folks

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Anonymous asked: so if someone mistreats you, you wouldn't forgive them or be friends with them?

Like i said it really depends. In an ideal world it’d be easy to just say ‘well they were a cunt so good riddance’ but that doesnt erase the fact that you have a history with them, or that they could be truly lonely or need your support. Its really difficult to say unless you know the situation… My advice would be to stay friendly but make it known you’re not going to drop everything to be friends with them again, set up boundaries to let them know they cant just treat you like shit and then crawl back into your life again

Anonymous asked: Kawaii: (in the context of Japanese popular culture) cute.

*blushes* shucks

Anonymous asked: personal question: if someone mistreats you, do you feel like you can give them a second chance if they cease mistreating you?

ha oops very suited to my situation right now. the black and white of it is that no i wouldnt be friends with them still. but considering life isnt like that, it really depends on how YOU feel. like, you can be friends with them again so long as you feel good about it.

Anonymous asked: yes yes i know what you mean. your blog is really nice, and i love your writing ^^

Thank you nonnie that’s sweet of you xx

Anonymous asked: aww that's kawaii (the tags thing)

Haha what even is kawaii?

gardenoftacos asked: five items: darling pan, smut, stydia, feminism, cute butts

You know me too well, timtam

Anonymous asked: same here! i live in malaysia, haha.

It’s times like these where I think too much about the wonders of technology and I’m like wHOA SOMEONE IN anotHER COUntry is fuckin typing and i am READING IT hollly shiiet??? Like omg wow zoom zoom computer ja feel


In beauty and the beast if belle had shaved beat’s fur it could have been called
Shaved by the belle

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Anonymous asked: what's the time there now?

11:41 PM

Anonymous asked: haha meow :3

aaah im a fucking wanker i know

Anonymous asked: you're writing a lot in hashtags :P out of interest, why do you put these things in hashtags as opposed to text posts? if you get what i mean

haha sorry about that :/ well i try not to clog people’s dashboards with stuff that’s slightly more personal, and it takes up less space if its just a tiny post with tags, you know? i dont want to annoy anyone but it feels really good just writing a lot in the tags

Anonymous asked: cool! OMG hahahah that's genius! you smart cookie. Indy wouldn't happen to be blue by any chance would she? :P

Hahahaha naaah she’s brown :P

Anonymous asked: if you had to nominate an animal that represents who you are, which would it be and why?

This sounds a bit cliché but i have been told that im a cat kind of person because im very selective of who i am affectionate towards, protective of my friends to the point of extreme bitchiness, and um yeah i just fall asleep when im warm too i guess idk